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Font Preview

Savaira Italic
Savaira Italic
Savaira Regular
Savaira Regular

Savaira Elegant Font: A Delicate Balance

Moderate Contrast, Refined Elegance
Savaira Elegant Font strikes a delicate balance with its moderate contrast and condensed serif form, exuding refined elegance in every character.

Sleek and Sophisticated Design
With its condensed structure, This presents a sleek and sophisticated appearance, perfect for projects requiring a touch of class and sophistication.

Elevating Typography with Elegance
This Elegant Font elevates typography to new heights with its elegant aesthetic, making it ideal for upscale branding, editorial design, and luxury packaging.

Versatile Application in Design
From logos to headlines, This font offers versatility in design applications, ensuring a seamless integration into various projects seeking a balance of elegance and readability.

Sophistication Redefined
This Elegant Font redefines sophistication with its moderate contrast, condensed form, and elegant allure. Elevate your design projects with its refined aesthetic, adding a touch of class to every composition.

What you get :

  1. Savaira Regular
  2. Savaira Italic

Features :

  1. Uppercase and lowercase characters
  2. Numerals and Punctuation (OpenType Standard)
  3. Accents (Supports Multilingual Characters)
  4. PUA Encoding

You can use this typeface without needing any specialized software.

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