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Font Preview

Balthis Pixel Outline
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
Balthis Pixel Regular
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Balthis Pixel: Classic Elegance with Modern Digital Twist

Blend of Traditional Elegance and Digital Innovation

Balthis Pixel is a modern serif font with an elegant style and pixel effect that creates a look blending traditional elegance with innovative digital elements. This combination offers a unique and classy appearance, perfect for designs seeking to merge classic aesthetics with modern nuances.

Perfect for Branding and Posters

With its elegant style and pixel effect, Balthis Pixel is ideal for branding, posters, and other design projects. It ensures your designs stand out with a sophisticated and modern appeal, making it suitable for various applications that require a distinctive and memorable aesthetic.

Ideal for Designs Combining Classic and Modern

Balthis Pixel enhances designs that aim to combine classic elegance with modern digital elements. Its pixel effect adds a contemporary twist, ensuring your designs convey sophistication and innovation while maintaining a timeless elegance.

Versatile for Various Design Applications

Versatile and visually appealing, Balthis Pixel adapts seamlessly to various design applications. Whether used in digital or print media, this font provides a refined and modern appeal that enhances the overall impact of your creative projects.

What you get :

  1. Balthis Pixel Regular
  2. Balthis Pixel Outline

Features :

  1. Uppercase and lowercase characters
  2. Numerals and Punctuation (OpenType Standard)
  3. Accents (Supports Multilingual Characters)
  4. PUA Encoding

You can use this typeface without needing any specialized software.

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