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Font Preview

Jevale Regular
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
Jevale Italic
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Introducing Jevale – Timeless Serif Typography

Classic Elegance for Every Purpose
Jevale exudes timeless charm with its classic serif design, suitable for both body text and titles. Its versatility ensures seamless integration into various design projects.

Versatile Usage for All Text Needs
Whether it’s conveying important information in body paragraphs or making a bold statement in titles, Jevale adapts effortlessly to diverse text requirements.

Enhancing Readability and Aesthetics
Jevale’s refined serif glyphs not only enhance readability but also add a touch of sophistication to any text composition. Its classic appeal captivates readers and elevates the overall aesthetic of your design.

Ideal for Both Digital and Print
From digital platforms to print media, Jevale performs admirably across all mediums. Its timeless serif style lends a sense of authority and professionalism to any content, ensuring maximum impact.

Classic Serif for Modern Design
Jevale emerges as a quintessential choice for those seeking classic serif typography for contemporary design projects. With its versatility, readability, and timeless elegance, Jevale stands as a reliable companion for both body text and titles, enhancing the visual appeal of any project with effortless grace.

What you get :

  1. Jevale Regular
  2. Jevale Italic

Features :

  1. Uppercase and lowercase characters
  2. Numerals and Punctuation (OpenType Standard)
  3. Accents (Supports Multilingual Characters)
  4. PUA Encoding

You can use this typeface without needing any specialized software.

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