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Welcome to Craft Supply Co’s Weekly Updates! Unveil a world of font innovation with our weekly releases, design tips, and special offers. Stay at the forefront of typography trends, explore fresh inspirations, and never miss a beat. Elevate your designs with our weekly doses of creativity – your go-to source for font excellence!

First and foremost, Norten Serif Typeface is a classic serif typeface. It stands out with its clean, all-caps design. Significantly, this font exudes a sense of versatility, making it a staple for design needs.

Discover Norge, where elegance meets functionality. At first glance, its sleek design captivates.

Kroine redefines versatility. It’s a serif that suits any display size.

Meet Galeum: Strength in Elegance Discover Galeum – Display Serif, where strength meets grace. This font features small, tasteful serifs. It exudes a strong presence on the page. Comfortable for reading, it’s designed with clarity in mind. Each letter stands firm, crafted for impact.

Dutche: Boldly Defined Meet Dutche – Display Serif, where boldness takes center stage. This thick, low-contrast serif font stands out. Added serifs on stems enhance its masculine aura. It’s eye-catching, making a statement with every word.

Broide: Softness Meets Serif Introducing Broide – Display Serif, where softness shapes strength. This bold, low-contrast serif font is friendly. Rounded serifs give it a gentle character. It’s a font that combines clarity with warmth.

Godger Condensed Sans Serif: Boldness Redefined Step into the bold world of Godger, where strength and simplicity converge. This bold, masculine font is a powerhouse, built for strong, memorable branding. Its condensed form is not only space-efficient but also packs a punch, perfect for headlines that demand attention.

Alkalis: Modernity Meets Elegance Meet Alkalis – Modern Elegant Serif, where modern meets timeless. This serif offers the perfect contrast for versatility. It’s crafted for both text and display needs. Alkalis brings a touch of elegance to any project.

Peacy Psychedelic Font, the ultimate psychedelic font, radiates fun and cheerfulness with its lively shapes and vibrant colors. Each letter dances with its unique personality, creating a dynamic visual experience.