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Font Preview


Introducing Drefar – Slab Serif Font

The Masculine Casual Blend

Drefar – Slab Serif Font is a striking fusion of masculinity and casualness, making it a perfect choice for displays.

Bold and Rugged

Drefar’s bold and rugged appearance conveys strength and resilience, making it ideal for projects that require a robust presence.

Informal Versatility

This font’s informal nature lends itself to versatile applications, from posters to headlines and more, without sacrificing its bold character.

Confident Typography

Drefar is a font that exudes confidence. Its slab serifs and well-defined lines provide a sense of clarity and determination.

In Conclusion

In summary, Drefar – Slab Serif Font is the font that marries masculine and casual elements, offering bold, confident typography for your display needs. Its versatile and rugged nature ensures that your content carries a commanding presence, engaging a wide range of readers and viewers. Whether it’s posters, headlines, or other design projects, Drefar ensures your message is delivered with strength and determination.

What you get :

  1. Drefar

Features :

  1. Uppercase and lowercase characters
  2. Numerals and Punctuation (OpenType Standard)
  3. Accents (Supports Multilingual Characters)
  4. PUA Encoding

You can use this typeface without needing any specialized software.

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