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Need Custom License?

What is Monetized Social Media License?

With a monetized social media license, buyers don’t need to worry about their promotional needs on social media platforms.


  • With a monetized social media license, buyers can promote using our fonts across various social media platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, etc., without limitations.
  • Can be used unlimitedly across any media format: photos, posters, videos, etc.


  • Can only be installed and used by 1 user with 2 installations. If more than 1 user or 2 installations are needed, additional desktop licenses can be purchased. However, if an extended license has been bought, this is not a concern.

What Monetized Social Media License suitable for?

App/Game License is highly suitable for the needs of Application and game developers because with this license, they don’t need to worry about royalties as they can use it commercially with just one purchase. The Monetized Social Media License is well-suited for growing agencies and small corporations with few installation needs, focusing on expanding their client base. With this license, they can use it for unlimited social media promotion. Additionally, it’s suitable for individuals who are not part of agencies or corporations but engage in social media promotion or profit from it, such as YouTubers, TikTokers, and Instagrammers.

If you need licenses for promotional needs on other media like TV or similar broadcasts, you can purchase