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Need Custom License?

What is Extended License?

An extended license is an expansive licensing option designed to cater to diverse project needs. It offers a broader scope of usage rights compared to standard licenses, accommodating a wide range of project requirements, from commercial ventures to creative endeavors.


  • Accommodates needs not covered by a desktop license, such as installation on up to 10 PCs/laptops.

  • Can be used for logos/logotypes, ensuring buyers don’t worry about commercial use.

  • Can be used for more than one website and has unlimited views.


  • Limited to 10 users.
  • Cannot be used for printing/publishing books.
  • Cannot be used for promotional media on social media.

Why Extended License is a affordable choices?

Extended licenses are more suitable and affordable to purchase compared to buying licenses per requirement, which would incur higher costs. For example, for an agency needing logos for 50 brands and 50 websites with unlimited views, purchasing 50 desktop licenses and 50 web licenses would be much more expensive than buying an Extended License.

What Extended License suitable for?

Extended License suited for agencies, small corporations, and web development firms deeply engaged in branding and web development initiatives, extended licenses provide the flexibility and coverage necessary to execute projects effectively. With the ability to install across multiple devices and the freedom to employ assets for branding purposes, extended licenses empower businesses to pursue their objectives without restrictive licensing limitations.

If your licensing needs exceed those of the Corporate License, you can purchase