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Need Custom License?

What is Desktop License?

A desktop license for a font product is a simple and common choice used for various buyer needs. This type of license allows you to install the font on your computer for everyday use, whether you’re working on documents, creating graphics, or designing presentations. It’s a versatile option that fits many different purposes, making it a popular pick among users. If you need a reliable font for personal or professional projects, a desktop license provides the flexibility and ease of use that many people look for.


  • The desktop license is the most affordable option, catering to both designers and non-designers.
  • With its low price, buyers need not worry about their ongoing projects as they can use the desktop license for commercial purposes.
  • Due to its minimal device requirements, the desktop license is suitable for installation on only one PC or laptop, providing the flexibility to uninstall and reinstall it when buyers change their devices.


  • The desktop license is limited to installation on only one device. Therefore, if you need to install it on another computer, you’ll need to purchase the license again.
  • The products sold/printed are limited to End Product For Sale (Product/Print Ads/Digital Impressions/Merchandise): 1,000 Sales/Prints/Pcs.
  • It cannot be used for a web license; you can read about web licenses here. It also cannot be used for logos.

What Desktop License suitable for?

The desktop license is well-suited for freelancers, individual designers/non-designers, and font collectors

If your licensing needs exceed those of the Desktop License, you can purchase