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Welcome to the Craft Supply Co Weekly Updates! Explore a font lover’s paradise with fresh releases, design trends, and exclusive insights every week. Elevate your creative journey with curated content, font pairings, and sneak peeks into our vibrant design community. Stay tuned for your weekly dose of inspiration and innovation!

Robine – Condensed Sans Serif font is the ideal choice for creating attention-grabbing titles and headings. With its high x-height, this modern sans-serif typeface offers a sleek and contemporary appearance, ensuring your designs will stand out.

Introducing Parteys – Brush Script

Dynamic and Captivating: Parteys – Brush Script is a font that exudes dynamism with its varied stroke widths, making it perfect for creating eye-catching displays.

Melrin – Display Typeface: A Floral Serif Wonder

Introduction to Melrin Introducing Melrin Floral Serif Typeface, a display typeface that blends artistic flair with functionality. Its unique design features serifs that bloom like flowers. Ideal for retro designs, Melrin captures the essence of nostalgia in each character.

Lumien – Display Serif: All-Caps Elegance

Introduction to Lumien Meet Lumien, a captivating all-caps display serif font that exudes elegance and sophistication. Its timeless design makes it a versatile choice for various applications.

Introduction to Hicked – Slab Serif Font

Hicked is a bold, slab serif font, ideal for impactful design work. Its masculine appearance gives it a strong presence. This font stands out in headings, logos, and posters. It’s perfect for anyone seeking a robust typeface.

Introducing Ganley Cute Font

Ganley cute font is a contemporary display font that radiates fun and playfulness, making it perfect for children’s themes and light-hearted designs.

Introducing Burge – Cute Serif Font

Meet Burge Cute Serif Font, the adorable serif font with round serifs that adds a charming touch to your designs.

Introducing Aurlen – Elegant Serif Font

Aurlen Elegant Serif Font is a delicate serif font designed for luxurious and grand themes. Its minimalistic charm adds sophistication to any project.