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Need Custom License?

What is Website License?

A web license is needed when you create a website and use our fonts for your web needs. In simple terms, think of it like this: you’re building a website, and you want to use fonts that we’ve created. To do that, you need a web license. It’s like getting permission to use those fonts specifically for your website. So, if you’re making a website and want to use our fonts, make sure you’ve got that web license sorted out!


  • The web license stands out as the most affordable option, making it accessible to everyone, whether you’re a seasoned web developer or completely new to the scene.

  • Don’t stress about your projects because the web license covers commercial use, giving you the freedom to create without worries.


  • Keep in mind, though, that the web license is limited to installation on just one website. Additionally, it caps usage at a maximum of 100,000 views.

What Website License suitable for?

This type of license is perfect for individuals like web developers, non-web developers, and even those who simply love fonts and want to use them on their websites.

If your licensing needs exceed those of the Website License, you can purchase