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Need Custom License?

What is App/Game License?

App/Game License is a special licensing option for Application and Game Developers who want to use our fonts for their choices.


  • No need to worry about the games created as one purchase is enough for commercial use.
  • Can be used for logo design within the application, saving buyers money by not needing to purchase an extended license.


  • Limited to 1 application / 1 game.
  • Can only be used for 1 user/installation, requiring an additional license if more than 1 installation is desired.
  • Cannot be used for social media promotion.

What App/Game License suitable for?

App/Game License is highly suitable for the needs of Application and game developers because with this license, they don’t need to worry about royalties as they can use it commercially with just one purchase.

If your licensing needs exceed those of the App/Game License, you can purchase